Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection is justifiably mandated in appropriate industrial situations today. The problem with such hearing protection typically is that it also severely limits communication forcing people to feel a need to choose between the two, either risking hearing loss, or guessing as to what is said. Even if hearing protection is sacrificed for communication the severe noise still compromises clear communication.


SOLUTION - ASI hearing protection where ear muffs are worn as part of a hard hat, or without a hard hat, to protect the ears, but the muffs have either cell phone and/or plant radio sound piped into them. This is the same technology used on the flight decks of aircraft carriers.


These units are custom built but typically have an adapter for a 2 mm cell phone receptacle and another adapter for a "push-to-talk (PTT) plant radio.


Individually, hearing loss is a severe handicap, but mis-communication in the plant environment can cost millions over time.

Hearing Protection PLUS Great Communications

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