Petron Plus Lubricants

Petron Plus is a line of lubricants with a difference if you define lubrication as the effort to keep metal parts from rubbing on each other. Most lubricants depend primarily on getting the viscosity right to promote "hydo-dynamic" lubrication, i.e. keeping a thin film of oil always between moving metal parts. If it always worked, nothing would wear out. Parts do wear out and we do have a solution a "boundary lubricant". It's something you have to see to believe, although there are other evidences of its effectiveness: Reduced operating temperatures; Reduced amp draw; Lower particle counts, Lower ultra-sound readings; better mileage; more horsepower; better Dyno performance; etc.

CLICK BELOW to see a Petron DEMO as it handles extreme pressure, shock loading, high temperature, oil contamination and cold start wear . . .

Boundary Lubricant Defined

Magazine Article (START HERE) 217.1KB This article does not mention Power Up but rather describes to industry professionals the value of a Boundry Lubricant (BL), what it can do, and where it's of most value.
Hydraulic Fluid Supplement to reduce wear at it's source. 149.4KB Because Hydraulic oil is typically very low viscosity, wear is a much greater risk that can be mediated using Petron Hydraulic Supplement.
Engine Conditioner 203.9KB Used to reduce wear caused by friction
Diesel Fuel treatment Specifications New.pdf 164.9KB New Low sulphur means Less Lubricity so you need to fix that yourself